Tips For Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Data Center

If you are a large business whose job it is to keep track of a ton of customer data or business data, then you are going to have a data center. You might notice that you are spending a ton of money on your data center's energy costs. Here are some tips to increase the energy efficiency of your data center.

1. Eliminate Cooling Inefficiencies

In most data centers, a great deal of the energy bills that are spent go towards making sure that the data center remains cool, rather than actually powering the servers. This is important to note because if you can reduce any cooling inefficiencies, you will be able to significantly cut your bills down. Areas to check that could be harming your cooling efficiency are unsealed ducts, poor airflow, and not enough use of outside air. To make sure that you are operating at peak cooling efficiency, talk to a company that specializes in auditing data centers to see what areas you can improve in.

2. Virtualize Between the Servers

Your next step is to virtualize the servers, meaning that you can store data on each of the servers and transfer data from one server to another as space frees up. This allows you to utilize your servers more efficiently, as well as reduce the number of servers that you need overall. Cutting a few racks of servers until you actually need them will allow you to reduce your energy bills and make greater use of the energy that you are using to power your current servers.

3. Separate Older Servers From New and Power Them Separately

Older servers are going to require more energy because they are less efficient. Newer servers, if powered at the same rate as older servers at peak times, can become overloaded and have to transfer all of their data to the older servers, which are currently still functioning. You don't want that to happen because then the older servers will require even more power. Instead, separate your old and new servers and group them by how much power they need. This will allow you to power the servers more efficiently and only supply the power that they absolutely need.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in data centers. If you don't want to continue to have your data centers in house, they will be able to help you transfer over to a managed data center.