Getting Great Gaming Internet Without All The Bulk

Internet service plan sales can be confusing and a little pushy. Online gamers just want something that will keep them at the top of their game and free from lag, but what does that mean in internet plan lingo? There's a lot of talk about high speed internet, streaming, great for gaming and other buzzwords, but online gamers need to have at least a beginning engineer's understanding to make sure they're always at peak performance. [Read More]

Tips For Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Data Center

If you are a large business whose job it is to keep track of a ton of customer data or business data, then you are going to have a data center. You might notice that you are spending a ton of money on your data center's energy costs. Here are some tips to increase the energy efficiency of your data center. 1. Eliminate Cooling Inefficiencies In most data centers, a great deal of the energy bills that are spent go towards making sure that the data center remains cool, rather than actually powering the servers. [Read More]

How Can A Fast Internet Service Improve My Business?

High speed internet connections are a must for businesses these days, but you may still be wondering whether getting the best internet service possible is worth the extra dollars. There are many ways that a fast and reliable internet connection can affect your office's bottom line. Here are some of the benefits of a great, fast internet service.  Increase Productivity One of the main benefits of a fast internet service for your business is that it can help your employees do their best work. [Read More]

Getting The Most From Your Small Business IT Budget

Your small business relies on computing resources to get your product and services out to the marketplace. Maintaining your own technical infrastructure and keeping technical staff trained can take a large part of your budget. One way to get the most from your IT dollars and have access to state-of-the-art technology is through colocation. By sharing the resources with other businesses, you'll reduce the burden on your own business to maintain your computing environment while giving you what you need to be successful. [Read More]