What To Expect During Your Internet Installation

Plan to have high-speed internet installed at your home? If so, you're likely wondering what will be involved to get the service up and running. Here are some things that you can expect to happen.

Brand New Wires May Not Be Run

If you had the internet installed previously at your home by another provider, be aware that the new internet service provider may use all of the existing wires to switch over your connection. If they are capable of switching the connection at the utility pole to the new provider, all it may take is a simple switch. If you have a desire to keep all of your old wiring, make sure to let the installer know. For example, you may still be using the old company's wiring for their cable TV service and just switching to a new internet provider. In that instance, using the existing wiring for the installation would cause you to lose cable TV service. 

Several Items Will Be Installed On The Outside Your Home 

Make sure you get approval from a landlord for the internet installation if you are renting a home because the installation will require a few modifications in order to get the wire into the home. The wire coming from a utility pole will be anchored to the side of the home using a special clamp that pulls the cable tight. 

There will also be a connection box outside of the home where the cable from the pole will be coupled to the cable going into your home. This can prevent the need to run a new cable into your home if the cable running to the pole becomes damaged. For example, if the coax cable line becomes damaged by squirrels or water finds its way into the cable, the connection box would prevent water from getting deeper into the portion of the cable that runs inside your home. A hole will also need to be drilled on the outside of your home to get the cable in.

Since you or a landlord may have a preference about where these things are installed, it's important to think about the location of any modifications that you make to the home's exterior. 

New Coax Cable Will Be Run To The Modem

Expect a standard installation to include running the coax cable to your cable modem. If you want any wired connection in your home, it may cost extra to run new cables and to those rooms, especially if you want them done in a way that is hidden. Ask your installer about what would be involved to make some hard wired connections to ensure fast internet speeds. Contact an internet installation service for more information.